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Cherry Kernel Oil

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Cherry Kernel Oil 

Latin Name
Prunus avium, Prunus cerasus

Family: Rosaceae

Avium is from the Latin and means 'of birds', Prunus is the Latin name for the plum tree and ceraus is the Latin name for cherry: Prunus Cerasus is the sour cherry.

The Plant and its Environment
Cultivated cherries are derived from two species,the sour cherry Prunus cerasus (ancestor of the morello cherry) and Prunus avium, which grows wild in Britain and gives rise to the sweet cherries.

The Oil

Cherry kernel oil is emollient and stable.

Persic oil is the fixed oil obtained from the kernels of various species  (ie apricots, peaches, cherries, plums) by cold expression The french pharmacopia has a monograph for refined Persic oil (Bruneton 1995).

Method Of Extraction
The oil is expressed from the fruit stones of varieties of Prunus cerasus.

Principal Constituents

Type Based On Content - %
C16:0 Palmitic Acid 4-9
C18:0 Stearic Acid <4
Typical saturated fatty acid unit content   <15
C18:1 oleic Acid 58-80
C18:2 linoleic Acid 10-32
C18:3 linolenic Acid <0.1

Physical Properties

Odour Mild, Nutty
Acid Value 2.0 max
Iodine Value 95 - 115
Saponification Value 182-202
Soluble in isopropyl esters, mineral and other vegetable oils
Insoluble in water

Cosmetic Uses
Cherry stone oil imparts a long lasting emollient effect on the skin and gives a high gloss to the hair; used in emulsified and anhydrous conditioners.

A rich natural emollient which spreads well, although benefits and uses are not yet well understood, but its use generally is as for almond oil.

Cautionary Notes
Cherry stone oil under occlusive patch is reported to be non-irritating to rabbit skin.

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