Carrier Oils For Aromatherapy



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Carrier oils

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True carrier oils are generally cold-pressed or macerated vegetable oils taken from, amongst others:

  •     Apricot oil
        Sweet almond oil
        Grape seed oil
        Avocado oil
        Olive oil
        Sesame oil
        Evening primrose
        Canola (Rapeseed)
        Sunflower oil
        Jojoba oil
        Emu oil
        Castor oil
        Borage seed oil
  • Nuts:
            Walnut oil
            Peanut oil
            Pecan oil
            Macadamia oil
            Fractionated coconut oil
            Hazelnut oil
            Cocoa Butter
  •   Sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil are very popular carrier oils.
  • Safety aspects
  •  Peanuts are legumes, not "true" nuts, but they share with true nuts the risk of causing allergic reactions, even in minute amounts.           Pure peanut and nut-derived oils are not usually  allergenic, (as they do not typically contain the protein aceous part of he plant.) Avoiding them may be safer, as serious   peanut allergy is widespread, oil purity cannot be guaranteed, and other hypoallergenic oils are easily substituted.    
  • If there is any risk of ingestion, mineral oil best avoided
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